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Jed Mildon: Focus on success and charge fear

“The impact and implications hasn’t sunken in yet, but I’m so pumped to have aimed for something once deemed impossible and made my dream a reality.”






I´m not usually into adulation, more so the “respect where it´s due” sort of thing, but every now and then someone appears out of nowhere to do an awe inspiring deed. Last week Jed Mildon, young Kiwi BMX rider, did just that: the world´s first triple backflip. Jed´s pretty well known down under, but hasn´t cracked onto the super league in the USA. All will change no doubt, and if his chilled Kiwi way is anything to go by, he´ll not only excel, but won´t let it get to his head. He apparently has more “world´s first” tricks up his sleeve.

Having grown up in New Zealand, and been a competitive rider at a young age, Jed´s feat raised fond memories of the bygone age of hacking about on the Mongoose when fear wasn´t a word you understood. Whilst I was into racing, not tricking, to be any good you had to take chances and only think of a positive outcome. The years of training leading up to the successful jump and the meticulous planning is a lesson to us all in how to be patient, remain focussed and not let fear intervene.

“Once I was in the air it felt like time stood still and I could see each rotation perfectly”

The mental and physical rehearsals involved in such an epic feat show us how in tune we must be with our senses, whether visual or kinesthetic, and unload even the slightest distraction that might impede success. It seemed that Jed actually turned what would be an unimaginable proposition for most people into something that could be quite beautiful. I was pretty stoked to see a young happy-go-lucky Kiwi BMX rider show so many of the traits we look to incorporate in our daily performance. To be able to see that a challenge could be faced, overcome and experienced as a moment of perfection. But to actually pedal DOWN that 66 foot ramp?. The guy deserves all the accolades that are coming his way.

Kia Kaha bro!


Be sure to check this video out to see the man behind the epic feat

Project and video courtesy of Unit Clothing.

Directed and produced by Allan Hardy for Unit.

Additional filming by Joe Lawry, Ryan McCrae and

Music by The American Dollar and A Skylit Drive.


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