Kettlebell Training Services

Kettlebell Level 1 Workshop and private training in Bergen

Based in Bergen, Norway, Primalmovers Ltd. offers mobility and strength and conditioning training for individuals, small groups, personal trainers and businesses. Using primarily kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags and body weight movements, our aim is to teach people how to ‘re-learn’ natural movement by focussing on full-body control, balance, form and technique.

Lessons and group classes are tailored to suit your abilities and always follow a progressive standard to ensure correct form is at the basis of all teaching. Using techniques learnt from some of the world’s leading coaches such as Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell and Valery Fedorenko, Primalmovers offers training solutions not found in the mainstream fitness industry.

For more information on what we do, and how we can best suit your training requirements for yourself, family, gym or business, please contact Tom for further details.

Tom +47 995 11 483 email:

The Level 1 workshop is perfect for those men and women interested in learning more about these fantastic training tools and for those with some experience. You will learn the proper mechanics/alignment, breathing and groove (kettlebell trajectory and position) for all the classical lifts which will help bring your training to new levels!.

The Level 1 workshop focuses on two key points:

1. Mastery of the basics – You will learn the fundamental kettlebell exercises, several variations and most importantly, the key physical training principles underlying and associated with each movement.

2. Functional effectiveness – Kettlebells have developed a great reputation because they promote full-body fitness integrating the entire body helping promote stabilization of the core muscles.

Kettlebell Benefits

Kettlebells originated in Russia over 300 years ago and have a long and proven record of effectiveness. These unique exercise tools have been used by individuals around the world to build muscle, lose fat, increase flexibility and mobility and strengthen their endurance. The shape of the kettlebell allows for unique positioning of the weight directly above your center of mass (unlike a dumbbell or barbell which must be held in front of the body) which allows for greater endurance and longevity in the core lifts so that you can produce a much higher volume of exercise and thus greater conditioning and fitness. Some of the benefits of kettlebell training include:

  • Improved strength
  • Incredible work capacity (strength endurance conditioning)
  • Enhanced athleticism – flexibility, coordination, balance, speed etc.
  • Weight loss
  • Injury prevention
  • Mental toughness
  • Lean & functional muscle mass
  • Strengthening of the entire posterior chain
  • Core strength and CrossFit specific applications

Exercises Covered:

• Swing • Clean • Press • Long Cycle (Clean + Jerk) • Squat • Turkish Get Up • Windmills

What will you learn at the Level 1 Workshop?

•    Techniques to properly execute the classical kettlebell lifts and their variations

•    How to design a program to achieve any fitness goal you may have – strength, endurance, work capacity, muscle mass, mobility, weight gain/loss etc.

•    Mobility and flexibility work specific to kettlebell training

•    Assistance exercises for classical lifts – these very unique exercises will take your conditioning and technique to new levels

•    How to reduce hand fatigue and tears and muscular soreness

•    How kettlebells train your body to effectively manage life in the real world

•    And much much more!

Who are we?

Primal Movers Ltd. Tom Mountjoy is a certified kettlebell trainer (IKFF), bodyweight conditioning coach (Maxwell Strength and Conditioning), kettlebell sport and strength conditioning coach (World Kettlebell Club WKC) and MovNat certified trainer based in Bergen, Norway. With a long competitive background in a variety of sports including rugby, football, cycling and track & field, Tom has been involved in coaching in recent years with special focus on strength and mobility using natural movement as the foundation to all progress. Having spend long periods in Solomon Islands completing his PhD research into sport and body practice, Tom continues to study the science of sport and physical health from a wide-ranging perspective, always placing himself on the line for new experiments with health and fitness. With many years of experience teaching top athletes and members of the general public interested in improving their health, Tom offers new and inspired ideas for taking your health to optimal levels. (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) was founded by world renowned martial artist and strength and conditioning instructor Steve Cotter. IKFF promotes a comprehensive and integrative approach to fitness giving equal attention to mind-body-spirit and to fitness-health-wellness/well-being.

Kettlebell Workshop Course leder: Tom Mountjoy IKFF Certified Kettlebell Instructor


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