Primal Movers

Primal Movers is a vision of the human species performing at its best. It takes an evolutionary perspective on issues relating to the physiological makeup of our bodies and the way they direct our mindset.

As an anthropologist specializing in sporting practice and embodied experience, my aim is holistic, critical and simple: Eliminate the agents of disease and destructive thought from your life, get active, socialize and think longevity.

Activities involve maximizing the quality of movement, food and thought through an adherence to principles often neglected as we succumb to the various !diseases of civilization!. These include not only toxic foodstuffs that line the supermarkets like sugar and refined carbohydrates, but also hidden political agendas of nation states, who are swayed by the lobbying power of pharmacutical and agricultural companies.

The human body is NOT genetically adapted to run on sugar and carbohydrate, and is breaking down because of this. Hospitals are being inundated with stomach, cancer, heart, and stress related illnesses that were not around before the modern Western lifestyle decided that grains, sugars, ignorance and low intensity cardio training became the norm.

Shockingly enough, we are constantly told by brainwashed media and official outlets to continue this path to destruction, and are too apathetic to change course. Those benefitting are those making profit from illness. Who are the wealthiest people in Norway? Not those hard working primary producers hauling the fish out of the sea, or raising animals on pasture. No, the owners of the main grocery chains filling society full of toxins, all at the highest possible profit margins.

Being a primal mover is not meant to be hard. It takes courage to learn what these agents of harm are all about, change our ways, and teach our children to know what health is all about. It means going against the grain, literally.

 Essential Mantras of Primalmovers:

1. Movement. Be active everyday. Wake up, don’t roll over

2. Rest. Prioritize proper sleep in a dark, ventilated room

3. Diet. Meat, seafood, vegetables, saturated fats some fruits, eggs, nuts and dairy

4. Thoughts. Be alert, read, question things, be positive, think for yourself

5. Socialize. Interact, learn from others, stimulate, communicate



2 responses to “Primal Movers

  1. Jerome Smith

    September 3, 2012 at 18:09

    Excellent post, i look forward to reading many more liket this!

  2. Galo Naranjo

    July 24, 2013 at 19:09

    Love the idea behind this site. Keep it up man. I’d love to connect sometime.


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