Nutrition 101

04 Apr
Nutrition 101

“It is becoming clear now that many of the diseases afflicting humanity are not a natural part of the aging process, but are side effects of technological and other powerful cultural changes in the way we eat and live that have occurred since the dawn of agriculture roughly 10,000 years ago. These changes seem to center largely on the sequential introduction of what I call the neolithic agents of disease – wheat, excess fructose and excess linoleic acid” Dr. Kurt Harris”

 All exercise is about movement – not about burning calories. The whole fat-burning thing happens as a result of the diet – not the exercise”
Mark Sisson – Primal Blueprint
 “Hyperglycemia – the presence of higher-than-healthy levels of sugar in the blood. This one condition might be the cause of (or at least may be involved in) most diseases of civilization”
Mark Sisson – Primal Blueprint

“If part of your immune response is always allocated to repairing gut irritation, you are essentially sick all the time”  Robb Wolf

“It’s important to mention that if an individual desires to lose body fat it is vital to reduce the glycemic load of the diet. For some people this may mean virtually no dense carb sources such as fruit or yams while others may just need to reduce the amount of carbs and or alter the density a bit. SO many people attempt to lose fat by starting a program of long slow cardio and a low fat diet. It works for precious few people” Robb Wolf

“The only meaningful way to lose fat is to change the regulation of the fat tissue, and the science of fat metabolism strongly implies that the best way to do that, if not the only meaningful way, is by reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed and/or improving the quality of those carbs we do consume” Gary Taubes

“The same foods that make us fat are the same foods that cause heart disease and diabetes and cancer, etc. — the diseases that associate with obesity. These are the foods that were absent from human diets during the 2.5 million years of evolution leading up to the agricultural era, and so we’re still poorly adapted to dealing with these foods — easily digestible starches, refined carbs and sugars. When we remove these foods from our diets, we get healthier. Insulin levels come down and with them a host of metabolic disturbances normalize” Gary Taubes

“There is an alternative — a diet that emulates what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate — a high-protein, high-fruit and veggie diet with moderate amounts of fat, but with high quantities of healthful omega-3 and monounsaturated fats. Protein has two to three times the thermic effect of either fat or carbohydrate, meaning that it revs up your metabolism, speeding weight loss. Additionally, protein has a much greater satiety value than either fat or carbohydrate, so it puts the brakes on your appetite” Prof. Loren Cordain


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